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Folklorique Hits the Streets

Fig Tree's newest line of fabric is about to hit the streets, so to speak! I have to admit that I have been working & creating with this fabric for many months now and am almost ready to move on to something new and different but I know that it is new for all of you and I am excited to see what you think and what you do with it. One of my favorite things about designing fabrics is when I get to see the wonderful creations you all come up with. Honestly, I am often inspired all over again when I see what your imaginations have created, even more so than by my own designs sometimes. For me seeing the fabric through someone else's creativity is one of the greatest "perks" of being a designer. I never get tired of people sending me pictures of what they have made using Fig Tree fabrics. Keep those creations coming! Good_flower As for me, the latest thing I am working on is a mix of this line, Folklorique, and the new line, Allspice Tapestry, which will debut at Spring Market in Salt Lake City in May. I'm calling it Coney IslandGood_layout [it seriously makes me think of giant summer ice cream cones on a warm day at the boardwalk]. It is a traditional NOSEGAY quilt block from the 1800's, usually made with many templates and Y seams. For those of you who know me, you know I don't do templates or Y seams unless there is absolutely no way to get around it. Well, it took a bit of work and mathematical manipulation, but I am proud to say I have designed this block without a single template or Y seam. And even though it is all done and off to the quilters, I am still grinning from ear to ear that it all turned out how it looked in my head [that doesn't often happen for most designers- to have it come out like what you initially thought it would]! In fact, I went to get an ice cream cone this afternoon in honor of finishing it. Pistachio Ice Cream. The color would have fit in with the quilt.


I'll be anxious to see this, no template even for the handle!

Pam beat me to the punch about the handle. I absolutely love your version of the no y-seam nosegay. Just that pesky handle that taxes me and I can't wait to see your instruction for it. I'm already in line at my LQS for this! Can't wait to see your new fabs too!

Can't wait to see the new fabric--I've gotten email requests to do patterns with your fabrics--hopefully I can grab some bits in time to actually design something! So glad you're blogging now, and thanks for coming to my blog...I'll be checking out those Petaluma places next time I get up that way...

So glad I found you - quite by accident. Found your link at QuiltersBuzz and was thrilled that you now have a blog.
I am a huge fan of yours - have loved all your fabric lines and your patterns. Can't wait to see your new line. You've made me hungry for ice cream now and I want to make that quilt. I look forward to future posts.

I admire you. You successfully juggle a family and a career - you are a fresh woman designer yourself. Your patterns are the best ones on the market - bar none. Your fabrics are delicious. Can't wait to get my hands on Allspice Tapestry. Keep up the great work.

Hey Mamma Fig,
Great job on all you do...Beautiful website, fun blog, and fabulous fabrics. And you are nice. I like that!
Looking forward to more of your good stuff on

You have a new fan! I'm looking forward to seeing the fabrics in person and getting a few to bring home and

Welcome to blogland. I"ve blogged for about a year and a half and I just love all the ideas and creativity. Hope you have time to stop by sometime:
Oh and check out one of your patterns I did this fall - it turned out gorgeous! Oh wait, I did 2! Geez, the mind goes fast!

Oh my goodness, once again Gina sends me off to another "must read" blog! Welcome to blogland. I love your fabrics and style and can't wait to hear more about the process.

HI Joanna !

Welcome to blog land ! I just recently started my own blog and am having lots of fun with it (I'm pretty computer challenged, so this is also an ongoing learning experience AND a lesson in patience when I can't get the pictures to post in the order I want them too!) But, anyhow, I do know how to add "links" to my list of "Fun blogs to visit" and I just added yours !
(P.S.) -- I love the new fabric !!I'm also a big fan of your Fresh Vintage publications and patterns !

Mary Anne

I'm so happy to find your blog and this has always been one of my favorite patterns. I've never wanted to tackle with templates, so I'm looking forward to doing this now. Love the Folklorique line, the blue sets it off.

Oh, I love the nosegays! You are a woman after my own heart!. . no templates! And, of course. . . getting a sneak peek at some of the new line is a treat! I can see some of the new prints. . . cute! Can't wait to see the line!. . . you have me already making my plans for Sample Spree!

Love the blog, girlie!

So excited to find your blog! I just love your designs and I will be on the look out for your nosegay pattern--can't wait!

I think this is a pattern even a "new" quilter like me will try!I really have been drawn to so many of your patterns and love your fabrics! Look forward to reading your new blog! Thanks to Gina for telling us all about you!

Joanna: Why don't you set up a group on Flickr for people to post photos of what they make with your fabric.

Heather Bailey's group on Flickr was the first I discovered. Anna Marie Horner has a group for each of her fabric lines. There is a group for Amy Butler and Sis Boom...and others.

Email me if you want links to these and other examples: penny(at)pennysanford(dot)com.

It provides great inspiration for all of us, and introduces us to pieces of your fabric lines we might not have otherwise noticed (or have not seen locally).

Welcome to the world of blogging. This social networking aspect of the Internet is a wonderful way to keep us all addicted! *grin*


Welcome to Quilty blogland! From another bay area quilter.

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